AGVs perform replenishment tasks fully automatically, rapidly and very precisely – in line with actual requirements.

06. 三月 2017 Automated driverless delivery solution from SSI Schaefer and Identytec nominated for the 2017 IFOY Award SSI Schaefer and partner Identytec’s innovative automated driverless delivery (ADD) solution for fully automatic replenishment has been nominated for the IFOY (International Forklift Truck Of The Year) award. ADD is an end-to-end solution based on AGVs for light and heavy load containers – increasing automation and flexibility in production facilities and warehouses.

ADD is a response to increasing customisation in manufacturing and assembly – and sets a new benchmark in intralogistics. It combines identification and retrieval systems with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to create a complete, integrated system for automatic replenishment.

Elmar Issing, Vice President, Robotics & Innovations at SSI Schaefer, explains: “In essence, it is a process innovation that reflects the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution. By taking a solution-driven approach and integrating new technologies – such as our 2Stack® AGVs, auto-ID products and software-based eKanban – ADD creates a complete, closed-loop system and an entirely transparent internal supply chain.” Compared to costly manual solutions and inflexible tugger trains, replenishment with the AGVs is fully automatic and based on actual requirements. In particular, it is much faster, and far more precise.

SSI Schaefer and Identytec’s end-to-end solution enables greater versatility, while simultaneously significantly cutting installation and operating costs. Moreover, the highly dynamic nature of the ADD replenishment process means enterprises can maintain much smaller inventories. It also allows greater responsiveness to unplanned changes – it is highly flexible, and can quickly and easily replenish goods at specific target locations.

The innovative concept combines a variety of cutting-edge technologies. And it has the potential to revolutionise manufacturing and warehousing replenishment tasks that are currently completed manually or semi-automatically with tugger trains. With this in mind, it is fitting that the ADD solution has been nominated for the IFOY award. In March, the candidates will spend a week in Munich, Germany for the IFOY Test and Innovation Check assessments. The solutions that stand out from the competition in terms of system performance, innovation, ergonomics, and safety will be named the winners at an award ceremony in May, held within the scope of the transport logistic trade fair in Munich.


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