SSI Schaefer's Weasel® automated guided vehicle wins the IFOY Award 2016 in the "Intralogistics Solutions" category.

The management and employees received the award.

Automated Guided Vehicles WEASEL®: Transports containers, cartons and other products up to 35 kg.

06. 六月 2016 SSI Schaefer WEASEL® wins the IFOY Award 2016 SSI Schaefer's Weasel® automated guided vehicle (AGV) has won the "International Forklift of the Year" (IFOY) Award 2016 in the "Intralogistics Solutions" category. The system is being used as an internal fleet solution at NextLevel Logistik® GmbH in Germany.

The Weasel used by the fashion logistics service provider transports bins, cartons and other products of various sizes (up to 35 kg) between work stations, goods-in, goods-out and the waste disposal areas. An internal AGV has been created, which in contrast to conventional AGVs, works without the need for complex sensors or control systems. Special features of the solution include the automatic RFID bulk reading in the goods-in zone and the flexibility and scalability of the system. Weasel systems are not rail-mounted and can therefore be flexibly integrated into existing structures.

Klaus Tersteegen, Managing Director, SSI Schaefer, Neunkirchen, Germany: “We are delighted to have received the 2016 IFOY Award, and would like to thank the jury and all those involved for their commitment to the intralogistics industry, and for their interest in the Weasel® system. This accolade is a great honour; it recognises our dedication to innovation, and to developing solutions that enhance the efficiency of our customers’ intralogistics processes.”

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