Cuby: one-level shuttle system Cuby

04. 五月 2016 Sophisticated details - SSI Schaefer presents a new shuttle system for bins and cartons Cost-effective, compact, Cuby! Three – Two – One – Ignition! In time for CeMAT 16, 31 May to 3 June in Hanover, SSI Schaefer will launch its new one-level shuttle system Cuby designed for bins and cartons up to 35 kg, which rounds out their product range in this segment. The system is characterized by its excellent storage density, availability and reliability, and also achieves high rentability in a short payback period.

The last space shuttle was launched almost five years ago. In warehouse technology, however, the trend towards shuttle systems remains unwavering. "Most bids today require miniloads and also one-level shuttle systems," explains Robert Fankhauser, Product Manager at SSI Schaefer. SSI Schaefer will therefore be presenting the new storage system Cuby in time for the trade fair CeMAT. This will complement SSI Schaefer's range of shuttle systems consisting of Navette (multi-level shuttle for small load carriers), Schaefer Tray System (multy-level shuttle for pallet layers) and the Schaefer Lift&Run (multi-level shuttle for pallets).

A Cuby consists of a rack, at least one lift, one shuttle per storage level, a shuttle crane at the back, maintenance platforms (lift platform and control cabinet platform at the front and access platform at the back) and the warehouse control. In developing Cuby, SSI Schaefer optimized the functional distribution between rack and shuttle so that fewer sensors and actuators on the shuttle and load handling device were necessary. This renders Cuby more reliable and cost-efficient than other one-level shuttle systems on the market. The patent-pending and clever usage of the support beam as a guide for the shuttle's load handling device is one of a kind. SSI Schaefer was able to tap into their in-depth knowledge of machine and rack technology.

Robust, proven components ensure high system availability. The system also contains a high degree of standardization and offers the best possible accessibility for maintenance and service tasks. The rack has also been optimized in terms of fire protection. Instead of the usual rack shelves, gratings are used so that the water in the sprinkler system can easily run down several levels.

Attractive performance with maximum storage density

The main advantages of shuttle systems are flexibility with regard to capacity and high performance. Cuby can be scaled for a length of up to 100 m and a height of up to 15 m and an unlimited number of aisles. Thus, it provides the maximum possible storage density due to its narrow tracks for the single-deep shuttles and optimum space utilization of the rack lines with double-deep shelves and an extremely low level spacing. Flexibility also means being able to adapt to existing hall structures and integrate, for instance, existing columns.

The system has been designed for 600 to 800 double cycles per aisle, depending on aisle length. The fully-automatic Cuby shuttles take the storage load carriers from the rack and hand them over to the transfer locations and the lift. “The lift performance is decisive for the technical performance of the overall system. For this reason, a double-story load handling device is used to retrieve a bin or carton and store one at the same time. This enables a performance of approx. 400 double cycles per lift and hour to be reached. Depending on customer requirements, Cuby can be realized with two lifts per aisle doubling the performance to up to 800 double cycles per hour," explains the product developer Dr. Max Winkler, VP Solutions & Technology at SSI Schaefer. This does not refer to theoretical component performance, but to system values that can actually be achieved in real everyday operation. The processes in Cuby are controlled by the Cuby driver. It is part of the logistics software WAMAS by SSI Schaefer.

On the whole, the system provides a very attractive performance for a wide range of applications in different industry sectors due to the optimum adjustment of lift and shuttle performance with the conveying system in the pre-zone and the goods-to-person work stations. "SSI Schaefer offers everything from a single source - from racks to shuttles and lift, to electro-mechanical installation to IT," summarizes Robert Fankhauser and emphasizes the differences with competitors.

Cuby kit - for customized performance

  • Height: 6 to 15 m with 8 to max. 36 storage levels
  • Length: 20 to 100 m with more than 25,000 storage locations per rack aisle
  • Unlimited number of rack aisles possible
  • Considerable gain in efficiency by double cycles for storage and retrieval
  • Additional performance increase thanks to two lifts per rack aisle
  • Optimized rack versions for storing cartons or bins with optional combinations.


  • Excellent space utilization by double-deep storage in connection with a single-deep aisle and minimized vertical distance between two rack levels.
  • System designed for high availability (guiding of the extended load handling device and stable construction).
  • Optimized connection to the pre-zone by double-story lift Especially in combination with the double lift, a very high performance in an extremely space-saving design
  • Combinations of cartons and bins are possible
  • Room for sprinkler included in aisle width
  • Very solid construction as modular kit
  • Maintenance levels - safety shut-off
  • Optimized space utilization by customized height adjustment
  • Double load handling devices
  • High performance by 2 transfer locations per lift and shuttle
  • 2 bidirectional lifts per aisle possible
  • Pneumatic-free solution
  • Smart, sophisticated maintenance access to the shuttles
  • Perfect fire protection thanks to gratings in the shelves

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