Neuausrichtung der Intralogistik von Römerwall am Produktionsstandort Duisburg.

Neuausrichtung der Intralogistik von Römerwall am Produktionsstandort Duisburg.

17. 二月 2016 SSI Schaefer receives major order from the beverages industry Römerwall is counting on Lift&Run technology from SSI Schaefer for the complete realignment of its intralogistics processes. At the heart of this measure lies a fully automated high bay warehouse with 53,000 pallet positions and two electric monorail systems that in future will link together the production, warehouse, picking, goods-out and empties areas. WAMAS® logistics software will ensure efficient warehouse processes.

Römerwall Naturbrunnen und Getränke GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the Hövelmann beverages group based in Duisburg-Walsum, has entrusted SSI Schaefer with the construction of a logistics centre at its production site in Duisburg. As a one-stop solution provider for the turn-key logistics system, SSI Schaefer is taking care of the construction and the fitting out of a new high bay warehouse. This silo racking solution offers 53,000 pallet positions. The Schaefer Lift&Run system will use a total of 16 state-of-the-art SLR devices to ensure that the required throughput is achieved for the beverages manufacturer. Orbiter satellites store and retrieve pallets in channels that can be varied to up to 22 pallets deep, while four additional Exyz storage and retrieval machines store and retrieve pallets with empties.

In addition to the steel construction and process automation for the high bay warehouse, SSI Schaefer is also designing efficient material flows for the optimised supply and disposal of empties or production pallets for the production lines. To do so, the available filling lines in several halls, the picking and packaging areas, the manual and automated empties warehouses and the goods-out areas will all be connected to one another via an electric monorail system. An additional electric monorail system ensures a quick and sequenced tour staging in the goods-out areas. During tour loading, a distinction is made between rear and side loading. Each loading area has a conveying system tailored specifically to its individual needs, thus ensuring high efficiency and short loading times during the dispatching process for truck tours. SSI Schaefer is also for the first time installing a new empties management system with fully automated empties identification, which will optimise the supply of empties and significantly improve the performance of the filling lines.

The turn-key system will be handed over to the customer in mid-2017.

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