3D impression of Reichelt Elektronik’s future distribution centre in Sande

3D impression of Reichelt Elektronik’s future distribution centre in Sande

03. 十二月 2015 New phase in Reichelt Elektronik’s partnership with SSI Schaefer SSI Schaefer is extending a distribution centre for Reichelt Elektronik, an e-commerce business based in Sande, in northern Germany. The project will include the construction of a new building with a two-aisle high-bay warehouse, storage and retrieval machines, and conveyors.

Reichelt Elektronik has sold high-quality electronics products for more than 45 years. It is now one of Europe’s leading online distributors of PC-related electronics and other goods, and its standard range numbers more than 50,000 items. Reichelt is critically dependent on high-efficiency intralogistics to meet its key business imperatives of maximum availability and ultra-fast delivery.

Reichelt first collaborated with SSI Schaefer in 1996 on the installation of a modular shelving system for manual operations, and the provision of corresponding containers. In 2011, they added a single-aisle, automated high-bay warehouse, including storage and retrieval machine, and conveyors to the picking zone. This streamlined processes, improving efficiency.

“Our product portfolio continues to grow, but our current distribution warehouse has no more spare capacity. We enjoy a long-standing relationship with SSI Schaefer. We decided in favour of automation in 2011, and we are planning to establish an automated warehouse in the new building, too. This will be linked to the existing one by a bridge. SSI Schaefer offered us a cost-efficient solution,” reports Reichelt’s CEO, Ulf Timmermann.

An additional project will see the installation of an automated two-aisle high-bay warehouse with positions for 2,000 euro pallets. Two energy-efficient storage and retrieval machines of the latest Exyz generation will remove and put away pallets. Vertical conveyors will transfer pallets to the correct levels for putaway. Conveyors will serve multiple picking stations, and return partially picked pallets to the high-bay warehouse. The new distribution warehouse will be linked to the existing one via extensive conveyor systems, ensuring efficient, end-to-end material flows.

When the facility is commissioned in April 2016, Reichelt Elektronik will be well equipped to accommodate further business growth, and to deal with the challenges of the dynamic e-commerce market.

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