3D layout of Dafgård’s future deep freeze warehouse in Källby, Sweden

17. 十一月 2014 New High-bay warehouse for Dafgård`s SSI Schäfer was chosen as supplier for Dafgård’s new warehouse in Källby for storage of their frozen ready-made meals.

Logistics solutions for the food industry

Through three generations, the Swedish family owned company Dafgård`s has developed and delivered quality ready-made meals. Starting in the 1930s, the late Gunnar Dafgård stood on the square in Lidköping and sold meat products. As the success increased, he became a true pioneer in the frozen food sector and was the first in Sweden to prepare and sell prepackaged meatballs and hand-rolled stuffed cabbage.

Today, Dafgård`s is Sweden’s preferred brand of ready-sold meals and the company has grown to around 1.000 employees, producing 40 million Billys-pizzas every year and 400.000 meatballs – every hour.

Growth requires new distribution center

“The latest years of growth have created a logistics challenge”, says Technical Manager at Dafgård`s, Anders Dafgård, and continues: “Our warehouse facilities are currently too limited and we do not have enough storage capacity for future growth. During peak season, we even need to find external storage capacities for our products. Our logistic processes had become too expensive, so we decided to centralize all of our warehouses in one ’state of the art’ logistic center.”

High-tech intralogistic for low temperatures

The company contracted with SSI Schäfer on a new deep freeze warehouse in Källby for the storage of the company’s products at -28°C. The new high-bay warehouse will be 35 meters in height and include a state of the art oxygen reduction fire prevention system. The 30.000 storage positions for pallets will be managed by six advanced SSI Schäfer Exyz cranes for double deep storage and retrieval. The delivery also includes a new distribution area, SSI Schäfer’s extensive logistics software WAMAS® as well as a conveying system, which is directly linked to the production plant.

Efficiency and process reliability through innovative warehousing

“We were chosen as supplier of Dafgård’s new warehouse, as we suggested the best technical solution based on Dafgård’s specific needs,” Sales Manager Anders Bohlin from SSI Schäfer Nordic explains. “The solution we presented will, amongst other things, provide Dafgård’s with a faster order follow-up and a more accurate stock control and will decrease the time used on truck loading. Of course our many references within deep freeze storage also were an important factor in the decision.”

The building process has just started and the new deep freeze warehouse is expected to be finished in December 2015.



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