Storage device Lift&Run for pallet storage in a channel storage warehouse

SSI Schaefer offers an exceptionally economic solution with its Lift&Run system for the highly dynamic handling of pallets in a channel storage warehouse.

Specialty of the system: the storage machine SLR consists of a transfer carriage with lifting device for the highly flexible load handling device Schaefer Orbiter System (SOS). It runs on two rails and therefore doesn’t need upper guiding rails. It is also possible to use many such devices on top of each other in order to scale the SLR to specific customer requirements.

The feed-in and retrieval of the pallets is done via vertical lifts. SLR and lifts together form the Schaefer Lift&Run system with which the storage capacity can be effectively heightened and the efficiency of the logistic solution can be increased.

3D Darstellung des Lift&Run Regalbediengeräts

The main advantages for users at a glance:

  • high longitudinal dynamics
  • low lifting heights
  • very low bottum rack-in measure
  • extremely high level of energy efficiency
  • lifting carriage with flexible orbiter channel vehicle
  • high machine safety
  • modular, compact and easily scalable design

The Schaefer Lift&Run system consequently implements the matrix idea in logistics for the handling of pallets. High dynamics, low space demand and efficient use of energy make this system an interesting alternative to the classic pallet SRM for various applications.



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