SSI Schaefer R3000 Multi-Tier system

Dahbashi Group was established in 1985 with the sole aim of providing specialised professional repairs, service and quality alternate spares for earthmoving & construction equipment specialising mainly in CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, JCB, CUMMINS and PERKINS, Sales, Assembly and Repairs of Motive & Reserve Power Batteries, Sales and Repairs of Battery Chargers, Sales and turnkey installation of battery charging facilities.

Project objectives

  • State-of-the-art consolidated warehouse for earthmoving machinery spare parts, motive and reserve power batteries, and motive power battery assembly facility
  • Productivity improvement in parts picking and binning due to manifold increase in storage capacity.
  • Faster turnaround time for incoming and outgoing shipments.

Scope of supply and services

  • Selective Pallet racking system

Dahbashi Group’s newly built warehouse located in Dubai Industrial City, Dubai, marks a new era for their product storage system. Commissioned in June 2015, the 7,623 square meter dust free air-conditioned facility houses everything from engine, drive trains, hydraulics and filters, up to all kinds of batteries and chargers that Dahbashi Group offers on their website.

After consulting with us, Dahbashi Group was convinced with the quality of our products which follows strict European standards. The material handling supplier could also score with the best cost effective solution for their operational Regal 3000 Multi-Tier system from SSI SCHAEFER Germany, Cantilever Racking System (KRS) and Selective Racking System from SSI SCHAEFER Malaysia.

Using standard shelving system, R3000 provides high-density for various small SKU’s utilising the full plot size and 9 meters height of the warehouse. The mezzanine is supported directly from the shelving frames using steel joist with hot dipped galvanised floor mesh. Structural steel staircases provide safe access to upper levels, which are protected by hand, knee rails and kickboards around all open sides of the mezzanine. In addition, a Goods Lift was installed in the multi-level structure to allow for volume transport to upper floor. The flexibility, speed, and space utilisation were some of the reasons Dahbashi Group decided to choose the storage solution offered by us.

The challenge of the project was to find a system that will allow the company to operate faster and more organised than before. Having goods stored at fixed locations and space optimisation at a maximum capacity are among the results that SSI SCHAEFER achieved for Dahbashi Group.

Statement from the customer

“SSI Schaefer’s installation has helped us achieve our company objectives with a world class quality, safe and secure storage system. Productivity in binning and removal of parts has improved immensely, with faster turnaround of incoming and outgoing shipment. Increase in the storage capacity has led to decongested parts storage and provides high visibility for faster retrieval.”

Mr. Mudar Hussain from Dahbashi Group

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