Of French origin and now operating in over 88 countries, SDV is a worldwide renown group who specialized in international freight forwarding, transportation and logistics. In Malaysia, SDV Transport has recently secured a contract to handle cosmetics and toiletry products. Thus, they engaged Schaefer to install a few systems to fulfil their needs.

To counter the limited floor space, a multi-tier R3000 shelving system was proposed. It created multiple shelf locations for SDV to store numerous SKU, while the conventional selective pallet racking s catered for bulk storage of goods.

  • sdv transport-r3000 modular shelving pallet racking ssi schaefer_my
  • sdv transport-r3000 modular shelving ssi schaefer_my

Underneath of the mezzanine platform is mainly for daily operations and top floor cater for additional storage space. With the installation of sliding ramp and usage of EF plastic containers, travelling time for goods transfer is significantly shorten.

SSI SCHAEFER installed Selective Interlock pallet racking, R3000 Modular shelving, and Mezzanine platforms and created multiple levels of shelf locations in order to make full use of the limited warehouse space. The new rackings were installed at 260 pallet locations and 4,008 shelf locations. The project objectives were met as work efficiency were improved with reduced travelling time during picking activities.




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