Royal Foodstuffs Private Limited is an Indian based private company which located in Maharashtra, India. Royal Foodstuffs is one of the leading exporters for jaggery & confectionery, mango pulp, milled products, and processed fruits. In their commitment to use the best quality fruits in producing high quality fruit products, Royal Foodstuffs tied up with Indian farmers to procure the top quality produce. The fruits are processed in the processing unit located in the district of Karad. The pulps are then stored in a cold storage facility built up just opposite the processing unit.

SSI SCHAEFER Channel Storage system

Project objectives

  • Maximum space utilisation
  • Allows for batch selectivity
  • First-In Last-Out (FILO) application
  • Easy pallet movement
  • Increase warehouse efficiency
  • Reduce movement of Material Handling Equipment

Scope of supply and services

Initially, Royal Foodstuff used a traditional warehouse system where pallets are stored on the ground in a block storage manner. Soon enough they realised that it was a system that slows the business as it was difficult for them to trace the pallets and they needed to invest most of their time in storage and retrieval of pallets. With the increasing demand of goods, especially during peak season, the company decided to shift to a more efficient facility.

Royal Foodstuff decided to build a new warehouse with more space. At first, the company was keen to install the Drive-In Pallet Racking for the new cold storage facility with an objective to store 2,400 pallets in an area of 2,796 square meters. SSI Schaefer, being an expert in storage solutions, analysed their requirements carefully and proposed a better solution. The installation of the Schaefer Orbiter System was suggested, a shuttle solution complete with a docking station and specifically designed for channel storage. The main advantage is that the system can store up to 2,880 pallets in an area of 2,200 square meters. It is cost saving in various factors such as land, civil, refrigeration and labour cost.

The entire cold storage is divided into 4 chambers consisting of 720 pallet positions each. Royal Foodstuff is impressed with the maximum space utilisation, 100% selectivity, easy pallet movement and increased daily throughput of the system installed.

  • Royal Foodstuffs (case study) - Orbiter system

Statement from the customer

"We are very thankful to SSI Schaefer for sharing their expertise and for providing the best solution for our business. They have helped us to save our investment in land as well as other facility costs by giving us a solution which stores more in less space. Schaefer Orbiter System is a fast, intelligent and efficient solution for our cold storage. It was a learning experience to work with SSI Schaefer."

Mr. Shiv Sharan Sakkargi, Director, Royal Foodstuffs

For more project information, project specifications and more project pictures, please download Case Study in PDF on the right hand side. The Case Study is in PDF format and needs Adobe Reader to view.



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