Selective Pallet racking

The company started out as a distributor of Isuzu spare parts in 1967. Under the dynamic business vision, Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has in the past three decades expanded its business operations into a network of companies by consistently investing in development and improvement of advanced computer systems for more effective internal management. Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts now offers integrated services providing spare parts for every brand of automobile. With increasing demands, the customers are now able to place order via online as an alternative for faster product delivery.

Project objectives

  • To relocate existing warehouse to a larger distribution centre
  • To provide a storage system which is capable of handling high throughput during peak periods through conveyors
  • To improve picking accuracy and achieve 100% picking selectivity
  • To maximise utilisation of limited storage space by implementing a vertical storage solution

Scope of supply and services

  • Automated warehouse solution
  • Conveyor system
Vertical Lift Storage - LOGIMAT®


Along with the demands of online transaction order fulfilment, is the challenge to have an effective storage and stock management system. Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts decided to relocate their existing warehouse to a larger distribution centre, thus increasing storage capacity. They needed a warehouse system which is capable of handling high throughput during peak periods, at the same time, improve picking accuracy and achieve 100% picking selectivity. Vertical storage is also needed to maximise the 15 meters high bay warehouse.

The automotive distributor has commissioned SSI SCHAEFER to provide a solution that will consolidate storage and delivery of automotive compartments, as well as provide storage facility for easy monitoring and tractability of products. The solution comprises Selective Pallet Racking System, Conveyor System, R3000 Multi-Tier Shelving System, Work Stations, and Vertical Lift LOGIMAT®.

R3000 Multi-tier shelving system

After the installation, the daily order picking performance has improved in terms of accuracy and efficiency. SSI SCHAEFER implemented an automated receiving and order picking process with transport conveyors. Not only was the workload reduced, the storage capacity was also increased to a total of 4,656 pallet locations. The LOGIMAT®, on the other hand, was installed with a tailormade storage suitable for high value small parts items to utilise limited storage space in an ergonomic way. The vertical lift storage solution yields a total of 2,500 box locations. For small auto parts that require easy access, the R3000 Multi-Tier system is able to hold a total of 6,150 shelf compartments.

SSI SCHAEFER’s storage solution for Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts has successfully catered storage space for their wide range of products with over 50,000 SKUs. Order fulfilment particularly during peak hours and handling of goods-in from 30 suppliers per day is now manageable.

Statement from the customer

“For over ten years, we trusted SSI SCHAEFER as our integrated warehouse storage systems supplier. We became good business partners because of their professionalism.”

Mr. Kittichai Chuarathanaphong, Managing Director, Chin Seng Huat Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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